The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian

In this second episode of RandomMania, the BROTHERS get lucky and draw an all-time classic, the triangle tag team championship ladder match from Wrestlemaina 2000. Awesome!

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Roddy Piper vs Goldust

In this first episode of RandomMania, the brothers talk about the Hollywood Back Lot Brawl between Roddy Piper and Goldust from Wrestlemaina 12. At the end, they select the match for next weeks episode and get real excited about it.

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(not sure why I have to do it that way, and it’s really making me angry, but I don’t know what else to do.)

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Vince Voice

WELCOME EVERYONE TO THE SOLD OUT INTERNET. WELCOME EVERYONE TO RANDOMMANIA! Of course that intro there is better read in a 1995 overly-enthusiastic Vince McMahon voice for the full effect, something I cannot do with any conviction. I can in my head, but I know I can’t execute.  But seriously, welcome to the blog/podcast. This podcast features two brothers who grew up on wrestling, but never actually grew out of it like we were “supposed to.”  We differ on our favorite guys, on our favorite matches, our favorite cards and what should or should not happen in the wonderful world of professional wrestling…er, sorry, sports entertainment.


Like for example, Bret the Hitman Hart without question won the 1994 Royal Rumble. It’s so obvious that Luger’s feet hit first, I don’t know how anyone can see it differently. 


So let’s talk about how this is going to work, I have written down every Wrestlemania match and assigned a number value to each. I will use to pull one of the numbers, and whatever match comes up, we have to watch and discuss the match on the next episode of the show, hence the name RandomMania! We watch a random Wrestlemania match, and review everything about it. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

So thanks in advance for listening or reading. This is going to be really cool, I think. I hope you like it, too. I don’t know when the first episode will air, but I imagine sooner than later. All my brother and I do is talk wrestling anyway, so might as well record it. 




P.S. If the name RandomMania sucks real bad, I’ve already designed a logo, named the blog and all that so It’s stuck now so deal with it, I guess. 

Two brothers Review the Granddaddies of them All